Art Arrow Tattoo is a professional tattoo studio based in Stockholm. Sasa Tkalcevic, the tattoo artist and owner of the studio, is an expert in realism and free hand tattoos. Make your dream come true!

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In Art Arrow Tattoo studio you can see paintings made by Sasa on the walls. Many paintings are inspired by rock stars and give the studio unique look.

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Sasa is also a skilled woodworker and in his free time he likes to create art out of wood. He also restores wooden furniture and objects.

Sasa Tkalcevic

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Sasa Tkalcevic, I was born and raised in Bjelovar, a small town in Croatia.
Since early days I enjoyed drawing and painting and in school my drawings were often selected as best and hung on the walls, where the school's best productions were exhibited.
When I was 13 years old I overheard conversation between my father and one of his friends, how he got his tattoo while serving in the army and in that moment I got the idea that I want to make tattoos. I disassembled all fountain pens I could find in the house, took a needle and decided to give it a try, first on myself of course and then on my closest friends.
In my adolescence days I continued to draw. I started to paint and in those rebel days, inspired a lot with Rock'n'roll and many tattooed idols, and I figured out that I was very successful with that. Finally the day came when I and my dear friend Drazen Bili Petrovic, who is also a tattoo artist today, decided to buy our first tattoo machines and other necessary equipment. In those early days there was no Internet, many things were different than today. We had to draw all sketches ourselves, some on paper others on skin. The needles we had to solder together ourselves. Old tattoo artists who have been around for a while know what I'm talking about. But since that day more than 20 years ago I'm still making tattoos and I love my work passionately.

By chance and after a decision in the family, we all moved from Croatia to Sweden and Stockholm. In Stockholm I also have my own tattoo studio, Art Arrow Tattoo, where I continue to work with my big love - tattooing. I'm also painting which gives me the possibility to express my feelings and my temper on canvas. The walls in the tattoo studio have become the gallery where I exhibit my paintings. Feel free to visit my studio to see the rock inspired gallery.

Greetings to all of you who already been in my tattoo studio and greetings to all of you who will come, and of course greetings to all my clients as well as to all of you who will become my clients, guests or canvas. And many thanks!
Thanks for reading and I hope we'll also meet in person soon!



Visit Art Arrow Tattoo studio in Stockholm for any reason, if you’re looking for inspiration, have an idea for your next tattoo, want to check out the paintings or just to say hi...